Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Eating, or Not, Part II

I was browsing through some developmental milestone websites today and stumbled across this:

"The 2-year-old will eat barely enough to keep a bird alive. Appetite is finicky and will vary from meal to meal and day to day. The child is not doing much growing at this stage so he or she does not need much food to survive. Your child will only gain three or four pounds during this year. Do not expect three good meals a day." from Kids Growth

What a relief! Only 3-4 pounds for the year... I think we can manage that. But the "not doing much growing?" We went to the doctor today for the sniffles and he's around 93 cm tall (her chart seems to overestimate somehow, she actually said 94 cm), two more than last month. His weight is up slightly from 27 months at 11.8 kg. But our doctor is happy and just in case, I'm going to take him to a well-child check up while we're in the States.

Now to start brainstorming "how to keep a two year old happily quiet and still for 5 hours on an airplane."

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