Friday, January 13, 2012


27 Months
Height - 91 cm        62%
Weight - 11.5 kg     10%
Head - 48 cm           25%

Raccoon's head has always seemed a bit smaller to me than other toddlers. He just had it measured recently, 48 cm, which is the 25 percentile for 27 months; it was 34 cm at birth which is at the 17 percentile... so it's fine, but for some reason I still worry. Looking at his percentiles, I should probably be more worried about his weight. He only gained 4 lbs or so from 1 year to 2 years old. We've really struggled a lot this year with eating. Part of it is his incredible activity too. But his appetite has taken off in the last few days after his recent illness, so I'm praying that this year there will be a lot of good weight gain and growth in general. But all that aside...

Happy 27 months to Raccoon!!!

Every morning he wakes up and says, "Time to play, Mama?" I wish I was as excited as him about playing at 6 am in the morning! I love you, my little man.

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