Monday, February 6, 2012

Tired Today

I feel like all the exhaustion from the last 3 years of not sleeping has caught up with me all at once. And it's only Monday. Raccoon is getting his top molars, the last two thank goodness; I don't think I would survive any more. Weeks of sleeplessness, not eating, extreme crankiness, then, just about when I'm ready to check into the loony farm, the new white pointies put in an appearance.

Not surprisingly, there has been a lot of TV watching today. But I know that Raccoon and I will have other good days, so I'm not stressing about all the things left undone today. "Respect the day's energy" is a quote I've found helpful for when I'm feeling run-down. But I do need to make sure I don't stay in this place, so I'm off to plan some fun things for tomorrow.

I'm still thinking, hoping, of travelling in March, but not sure if Raccoon and I can do two months without dear hubby and live to tell the tale.

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