Thursday, February 23, 2012

Internet Information

Perhaps an odd way to start off Lent, but it's some things I need to say. After my previous post (Nothing on the Internet Goes Away), I scared myself a bit. I couldn't think of anything meaningful to write for awhile, because somehow everything became worrisome. I am not savvy enough to keep my blog anonymous, especially if I eventually share it with friends. So I was challenged to re-evaluate the purpose of my blog and what I want to write about. I do love blogging and find it very therapeutic. *Laugh at myself*

Related to this, I have decided to move Raccoon's early learning stuff to another place, something private for now and maybe public later. Mostly this is so I can keep it all together and record all the infinite details that I love but no one else is interested in, as well as to protect Raccoon's privacy. I am also not going to post many pictures of him online. He is a huge part of my life, but I will probably write more of myself and less of him in the future. What I write may seem trivial now, but who knows if he wants his struggles and triumphs recorded for the world to see? It is something I will be keeping in mind.

I also went back and deleted some links that I'd put in, deciding that I really want to keep most of my content original and not just copy quotes from other people just to have a post for the day. Maybe they wouldn't appreciate me borrowing their words, who knows. Because of all these conflicting thoughts, I was at-risk of boring even myself with my blog. I was censoring everything and feeling glum, but hopefully these decisions will help me to feel freer about sharing some of the meaningful things in my life. After re-organizing things a bit, I feel excited again and look forward to writing often during this new season.

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