Thursday, September 11, 2014

Words as Music

"For many... grammar usage comes naturally. They often can hear mistakes, as if they were listening to music." (found here)

Now that I am writing again, I am also editing. My favorite high school teacher, Mr. Q, told us to read our work out loud to hear its flow. My mother is currently my editor as well. She has a knack for clarifying things or letting me know if there's no spark. If I don't succeed as a writer, I think editor would be my next choice. Ah, the thrill of chopping up someone else's work to find the heart of the matter. But I would have to create a ruthless alter-ego because I have trouble telling people the truth if I think it will hurt their feelings.

This quote also reminds me of the way I learned Spanish. I had been speaking it for a year with my friends before I took a single class. When the teacher wanted me to fill in the blanks, I just tested out the options to see which one sounded right.

My Grampie George is a story-teller and there is music in his voice. His wife, Grammie Joyce, said that I used to ask him questions I already knew the answer to, just to hear him talk. Grampie is my last living grandparent. I miss him and his stories.

Today is September 11. It's been 13 years.

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