Wednesday, September 24, 2014


I found this word tonight as I was reading Ephesians 1 in the Amplified version.

I think we could all use a little for of this in our lives. Undisturbedness. Little things have been annoying me lately and I have not been pleasant to be around.

Rainy season has started and the gloomy weather makes me think of Christmas in Maine. But no wood stoves here to warm up the 40 degree nights, just extra blankets and a prayer that the morning will be sunny.

All of our minds seemed to be turned Stateside. Me longing to being with family for the holidays, and Raccoon so he can catch snakes and frogs. Kitty just learned to say "Grama" and the King is exasperated with us all.

Tomorrow we are off to the one English library in the country. That will go far to restoring some undisturbedness to my life. Books for all to banish our wistful thoughts.

P.S. On Friday, I shall foray into planting a small cornfield behind our house. My neighbor was convinced that if I didn't plant today in honor of the local St. Mercedes, then my crop would fail. I hope to prove her wrong. Say a prayer for a good harvest and the chance to talk with her about spiritual things. I would like to show her that we are not slaves to punitive idols, but can be sons and daughters of our living and loving Heavenly Father. The first picture is of her beautiful rows. She is a gifted gardener.

Teddybear is very mellow and a good addition to our family pack. I hope he'll start eating better soon.

Kitty insisted on carrying the backpack on our walk today. She's quite the little firecracker. Raccoon was off at the dentist for his first cavity so he joined us later.

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