Friday, June 27, 2014

A Point to Ponder: Creativity

Inspiration often comes when we are at rest.

This is my paraphrase of a thought found in this article (Secrets of the Creative Brain by Nancy Andreasen) and in the book, Cradles of Eminence.

I need a lot of down time to let my mind roam. Balancing this with mothering two young kids doesn't always work out. I want to capture my stray thoughts, to bring the strands of the world together, or have more time to study the Weaver.

I have been watching Numb3ers on Netflix after my kids are in bed, which has led me to ponder the beauty of math and the patterns in our world.

My mom is a highly creative person. She comes up with comfortable, simple, and elegant solutions for my everyday life.

My son is a divergent thinker. My daughter already knows what she wants. We are each creative in our own way.

Sitting on the beach yesterday morning, making dribble castles for my children to gleefully destroy, I thought of a story, starting with just one idea.

We'll see if it goes anywhere. I test my stories out on Raccoon. There are few people more honest or quickly bored than a four year old. :)

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