Monday, April 7, 2014


...has got to be my least favorite thing about the baby years.

A few days ago I must have looked as tired as I felt, because a friend told me, "Don't worry, the baby years don't last forever. Someday you will sleep again. When our youngest (of 4) turned three, we noticed a huge difference."

Kitty has been a champion sleeper ever since she was born. I really can't complain after three years of not sleeping with Raccoon. But it's going on three or four months now of bad nights, and I can feel it wearing me down. Raccoon and I used to nap together. Pretty much every time he slept, I slept, even if it was just for an hour or so. I hardly ever nap with Kitty because there is so much to get done. I also try to spend some one-on-one time with Raccoon during her naps.

Today though, I just couldn't make myself get up when Kitty fell asleep. My husband came home early from work (bless him!) and I heard him ask Raccoon if he wanted to do a project outside. I rolled over and fell asleep. Much to my surprise, Kitty slept for almost three hours, despite substantial noise. I dozed off and on, but it felt like such a luxury just to be in bed.

I was counting today, and it's been 8 years since we first got SB, and our adventures in parenting started. I figure it'll take two more years for Kitty to be fairly independent, which means that 10 years of my life will have been spent in Toddlerland. I have loved all my children, but I will sigh with relief once Kitty is walking, talking, and potty trained. She's got the walking done, it's just the other two things left.

Above all, I am thankful for my two little blessings. Thankful they call me mommy and I get to hug them every day. Thankful they are still here. What amazing little people they are turning out to be.

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