Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Life Update

Construction is going well on our second floor. The cement roof will hopefully be poured on Thursday.

Raccoon is speaking more and more Spanish. It's so great to hear him finally able to communicate with others.

Kitty learned to run this week. Her next goal is jumping. She also wants to be able to climb over the couch like big brother.

My pumpkin plants are doing well but my squash are not. Grass, on the other hand, seems to grow only where I don't want it and not where I do.

I planted roses for the first time in my life, in honor of my grandmother. The inheritance that my mother passed on to me from her helped us to buy this piece of land, almost 12 years ago. To my surprise, the roses are doing well and blooming right outside my bedroom window.

We are finding it hard to just stay home. There seem to be so many things that need to be done elsewhere.

Whenever I water my trees, it rains the next day. No matter, I am so thankful for rain.

Raccoon has three art classes left, then he hopes we'll find him a karate class. I have mixed feelings about that, so I am hoping to find a different but similar sport (kickboxing maybe?).

There are a little less than 8 weeks until my parents come to visit for a whole month.

Ten years ago today I was a junior in college. I can't believe I can say that. How was 2004 already so long ago?

This is my 418th published post.

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