Thursday, April 3, 2014


Both of my children probably went to bed hungry, along with our four dogs (not actually mine but we feed them since no one else apparently does) and two cats. We had a busy afternoon and tried to eat supper at the mall, but all Raccoon wanted was french fries and Kitty chewed on a piece of pizza but not much went down. Raccoon asked for some fish when we got home but was so tired that he fell asleep before it was done cooking. Kitty had a little soup but also fell asleep before finishing it.

I have written before about Raccoon's resistance to food, and we still have our good and bad days. Anytime we're out of the house, it's often a bad day, between what he will eat and what he shouldn't eat (due to food sensitivities/allergies). Kitty usually eats well, but she's been teething and not interested in eating as much. She's still nursing though so I mostly feel okay about her still. Except that I think she's been at 20 pounds for the last few months. So now I'm slightly worried and plan to keep an eye on her as well.

I forgot to buy more food for our pets, sorry guys. I never knew how complicated feeding four dogs at once was, since I've only ever had two at most and for most of my life just one. Two of the dogs are more like pigs and take everything from the other two. Being pack animals, there's a hierarchy and the dog on the bottom is pretty skinny. I like all my animals to be fat and happy. It's expensive to feed four dogs, but I'm not sure what else to do now that we've started. I can't see just stopping and watching them waste away, hanging around our door hoping for a crumb or two.    

I know there are so many hungry people, and children, in the world. It's one of the things I hate the most. One of my favorite things is to give away food, to know that someone who was hungry yesterday is full today, especially kids.

Thinking of my children being hungry, even though it's just for a few hours until tomorrow, makes me feel like a failure as a mommy.

This is an odd post, but there it is.

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