Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dear Kitty,

Today is your 1st birthday. You have brought your light and happiness to our family for 365 days. I love watching you grow. You are very interested in what everyone else is doing, and an amazing mimic. You can say Mama, Dada, Gaga (Raccoon), Grama, Grampa, agua (water), tete (nurse), and I even heard "ank-you" once. You're walking all around, legs spread like a cowboy who's been on a horse all day. You love Grama's bookcase and pick her fattest novels to carry around, then browse through, and chew on for good measure. You are disgusted with any picture book that doesn't have a cat in it, or something feline.

We went into the grocery store before the Superbowl and there were helium balloons everywhere. You got so excited and so I bought you one and Raccoon one. It was great to see you pulling them around after you. Of course you liked Raccoon's green one better, just because it was his. You have been the answer to all the prayers I said while I was pregnant. You are a good sleeper, a good eater, and very mellow. I have carted you all around on errands and appointments. As long as you're with us and not in your car seat too long, you're great. Everywhere I go people remark on what a peaceful baby you are. You aren't smiley and look at everyone with your big brown eyes, but if they win you over, you give them an ear to ear grin.

You are, however, very determined and your grip is stronger than your brother's. You know just what you want, just like your momma. You go girl. We are going to buy you a cat for your birthday once we get back to South America. You're going to be so excited you won't even be able to sleep at night. I am so glad I'm your mommy, what a privilege. I thank the Lord for you. Thank you, sweetie, for sticking around. You are amazing.


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