Friday, October 4, 2013

Values and the Fussy Child

"Jay Belsky of Birbeck found that the child most likely to adopt his parents' values is not the mellow, compliant child, as one would expect, but the fussy, difficult child."

Also from the same article, "It's also our heritage as good Americans, psychologist Harriet Lerner observed in her 1998 book, The Mother Dance: We believe that we can fix every problem, that we are masters over our fate. The root of much of our pain in parenting, she writes, is "the belief that we should have control over our children when it is hard enough to have control over ourselves."

"He did not make the task easier, but he made Ezekiel stronger..."

Parents, can I get an amen and a sigh of relief on this one? Fear not.

P.S. I am solo parenting for 19 days, starting today, so I may be a bit scarce around here.

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