Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Love of Books

...starts early in our house.

I am feeling okay on this 14th day of solo parenting, but the tide of tiredness is creeping up and will probably sweep me away the day my husband comes home (Tuesday!). Robin loves books, but being my fifth child, she does not get read to nearly as much as everybody else did. But my slacker momness is not keeping Robin from her books. If given a choice, she'll frequently choose a book over a toy, and not just to chew on. Although with teeth appearing at regular intervals and the drool to prove it, her new nickname is Goobers. Aaaaaaaanyway. I can't remember if this post had a point or not.

Ah, yes. Goodwill's book section. Robin and I go thrift shopping while Raccoon is in school. I'm on the lookout for homeschool materials for K to 3rd as that is my tentative plan. Robin earned some serious baby brownie points today as she chewed on things in the cart and I browsed Goodwill's bookshelves. It's a good thing that I thought the children's book were $3 each and not $0.80 or I might never have left. That and the reminder that I only have so much room in my suitcase. I long for the days of two free 70 lb suitcases with each international ticket.

The point is that I bought Raccoon a beautifully illustrated book on snakes, his current passion. He was thrilled and flipped through each page carefully. When he went outside to play with my parent's dog, I offered to hold it for him. "No," he answered happily, "It's my property."

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