Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Excerpts from a Grandfather

I found this here, a grandfather's list of advice to his grandchildren in case he has Alzheimer's by the time they would actually listen to him. It's a long list with funny and serious ones. I connect and remember more if someone makes me laugh. The ones below are my favorites:

*Tell on yourself
*Draw closer to people when they fail. They will never forget it
*Teach truth in stories. Others will be so grateful to you for it
*Share your failures. It gives hope that authenticity is possible in a community
*Life is too short to sit in uncomfortable chairs
*Fight jealousy and envy by believing you are Jesus' favorite. You probably are
*Figure out early on how to live near the beach
*The quickest way home from embarrassment or shame is telling another what happened
*When people confess, don’t pile on. They’re risking the nearly impossible
*Set up times with your parents. They won’t badger you if they know they have access to you (Raccoon and Robin, please do this with your mother when you are older)
*Marry someone who likes to make the bed
*Be vulnerable. It gives others hope
*No one is loved like you or more than you by God

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