Thursday, March 1, 2012

Travelling with Tots

"Making a list is an act of hope, and a form of dreaming as well as planning." The Savvy Source

10 days to go. This list shows my hope that Raccoon will have a good time flying (8 hours). Maybe he'll think that the airports (4.5 hours) are malls, which he loves. I am praying that he will surprise us, and that I'll surprise myself with my creativity, ingenuity, and patience to get through what promises to be a very long day with a very active toddler. I will be adding to this list over the next few days, but here is the start:

From the waiting games list on the Savvy Source:

*Let Raccoon take pictures with the digital camera
*Say “I’m going to the beach and going to bring my _____" (he fills in the blank)
*What am I drawing?
*Shoebox with felt underneath lid and figures inside
*I spy…
*Fill in the blank “Once upon a time there was a little ______. The little _____ liked to _______.”
*Post-it notes
*Whose name is it? (I write and he guesses)
*I say oink, what am I?

Sensory Ideas (to get the wiggles out)

*Run cars on his arms and back,
*Drawing or writing numbers on his back and hands, etc.
*A blanket swing - 2 adults take the corners of the blanket and swing the kid
*Wheelbarrow walks
*Sensory balloons (fill uninflated balloons with beans, rice, flour, etc) from the blog Creative Learning Fun
*cornstarch and water (it's messy, so maybe in small amounts in a plastic container)

From my friends or me:

*wrapped items
*new toys
*books (hide his favorites from now until the trip)
*special snacks
*masking tape
*dioramas (I like these from Scholastic, we put the figures on popsicle sticks to use as a stage w/puppets)
*buckle, zipper, clasp, snap, button strip (homemade)
*new movies for mini-DVD player or computer

From a Parent Network:
*lock & key
*a wallet just for him full of old (real) cards
*mesh bag with several safety pins to hook on seat in front of you for storing crayons, toys, etc.


  1. Luke was younger, obviously...but we traveled at Christmas to Hawaii. From the east coast. And back...and then, after the 12 hour flying extravaganza, we drove back to NC—another 7 hours in the car!! He was a CHAMP! I was so surprised!

    I mean, he's good, normally, but really...that was a lot for ME! Sleep was nice, and he had his first lollipops (one over, two back!) and watched some tv shows, which he never does really! I think your list is a GREAT one and I want to keep in mind for future travels!

    AND> thank you for your email recently. I want to respond to it, but when I have the proper time to devote. Just know how very much I appreciated it!

  2. Wow, I hope Raccoon is a champ too. Lollipops are a good idea. Thanks for stopping by.