Saturday, October 31, 2015

Book Notes: No Fear

By Tony Perkins

This book challenged me to think about my faith in the context of political activism, and the fact that I have a right to my belief in God. I'm about as non-confrontational as they come, so my first reaction is to exercise my faith quietly. Being a Christian is becoming more and more counter-cultural, but Perkins reminded me that I still have the freedom to choose. It is okay to stand up to the majority, although not easy. Many of the people he highlights were just going about their lives. What if in my daily life I have an opportunity to stand for Christ? Would I do it? Knowing that I have the political right to stand up for what I believe, on top of the moral obligation, is encouraging.  

Not all of the stories resonated with me, but I think that the main message is true: if you stand up for your faith, you are going to get criticized and possibly persecuted politically and/or financially, but it is a God-given and Constitutional right, however unpopular it may be. Ultimately, this book dared me to have more reverence for God than fear of man.

My favorite quotes:

"For some it is little more than the inconvenience of having to stand up and defend your right to express your belief in God."

"...seeking the right to pray in public — whether you are a principal, a student, or a politician — is not an attempt to impose religion on a community or the country; it is exercising our God-given rights to live out our faith in a real and tangible way."

"There's a way to take a stand for your faith without attacking others. That doesn't mean we back down from our convictions, but that we hold to them in a loving way - in a way that respects even those who oppose us." - Rebekah 

"We need to make sure our stand for Jesus honors Jesus!"

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