Thursday, October 29, 2015

Beauty in the mess

Today was a messy day. Not quite a horrible awful move to Australia day, but almost. Tonight when half the chaos went to the airport and the other half fell asleep, I looked at my counter. My brain saw the mess and dirty dishes, but also these amazing roses I bought for $3.

Life is like that. All mixed up together. And I am grateful for my two little hurricanes, even on the rough days.

Raccoon is getting so big. He's six now and I can see my little boy evolving into a young man. He's still very serious but is thoughtful as well, and very giving of himself. My little man.

Kitty. I call her lay-lay, an affectionate diminutive of noisy nelly. She has her preacher grandpa's voice and is not afraid to use it! Tonight she kept asking me, "Are you fine?" and "I love you, Mama." She keeps trying to get away with calling me by my first name.

They weren't the only ones who were grumpy today but it all ended with hugs and apologies. Tomorrow we begin again.

Beautiful and crazy. My life.

P.S. Two days until Nanowrimo. No nablopomo this year. I have 50k words to write!

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