Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Book Notes: Better Than Before

I was so excited to see this book up for review at Blogging for Books. I subscribe to Gretchen Rubin's newsletter and have been hearing about it for some time.

Favorite Quotes:

I am happier without the brownie. (my paraphrase)

We all must pay; but we can choose that for which we pay.

We set out to be wrecked.

Having fun is important, if only because it’s easier to demand more of ourselves when we’re giving more to ourselves.

In a good trance, or flow state, time passes swiftly yet feels rich, and when I emerge, I feel energized and exhilarated. In a bad trance, time feels neither full nor empty, and I find myself sitting with my mouth half open, regretting the time I’ve wasted.

But while concentrating on my habits might seem small-minded, in the end, mastering those habits would allow me to put these questions out of my mind, to transcend them. I could turn all my attention to worthier matters, and yet be assured of the solidity of the architecture of my everyday life.

Easy is more important than fabulous.

The true aim is not to break bad habits, but to outgrow them.

What I Thought:

There is something here for everyone. She emphasizes that different things work for different people, so the most important way to change is to know oneself. My favorite idea from the book is that habits lessen our need for self-control because the choice has already been made.

The information is a little dry in places, but overall, I found it full of valuable insights. I enjoyed the stories about her family and friends. Her theory on treats vs. rewards was revolutionary for me. One habit that I've already changed, thanks to her theory about continuing vs. stopping, is to write more.

So what am I? A questioner with varying obliger or rebel tendencies (depending on the situation), married to an Obliger. I likes to start more than finish, abstain, and sprint to the end.

I received a free copy of this book from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest opinion.

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