Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A Neighborly Chat

Me: (Raccoon) says he wants to live here forever.

Neighbor: Are you planning on moving?


Then he can build a large house behind yours.

That would be nice, to live by my children.

I don't expect it. I have lived in nine different States/Provinces (and many more houses) in my three decades. The longest I have consecutively lived in one house is three years. The King and I do own a house, bought March 16, 2006, which we periodically share with his mother. I said no this afternoon, but we are planning on moving at some point in the future. We are always planning on moving.

The neighborhood where I currently live has about 70 houses, divided between three main families. Generations of each family live down each side street. The children will inherit land from their parents, and pass it on to their children. They will build their own houses and marry and never leave that neighborhood.

I can't imagine what that feels like, to know I'll never move. The first word that comes to mind is trapped. There is wanderlust too deep in my soul to settle for long. But I hope to hold on to our little half-acre, to give my children someone to come back to that will always be home.  

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