Sunday, December 21, 2014

Waiting for Puppies

I have two very, very fat dogs. Tomorrow is Storm's duedate. Any guesses how many she'll have? Mine is four.

Jewel unfortunately mated with Peluche, my friend's dog. At the time, I was furious. I let her out one door and followed not two minutes later, and there they were, all tied up. But on Thursday, Peluche was poisoned and died. It comforted my friend to think that she can have one of Peluche's sons, and hopefully he'll be as special to her as his father was.

So good comes, even from my soon-to-be mutt puppies.

Much else has happened, but Kitty is ready for nite-nite. Sometimes, I cannot write of the big things, only the little ones. And I write much of my pets becaue I'm not worried that someday they'll be embarrassed that their stories are online. :)

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