Saturday, December 6, 2014

Pondering: The Danger of Quick Money

"A hardworking person inherits and thinks they are rich.  They quit work and start spending the funds.  In a few years, they are not only broke, but now they are lazy as well."

James Twining

My "If I Won the Lottery" Bucket List:

Not be lazy, nor raise lazy kids :)
Gifts to Family
Buy a house for my parents
Travel with family

I've read of several billionaires lately who want to give their fortunes away. I wish one of them would donate a nice sum to our nonprofit. We would love to buy a building for  evangelism, counseling, a Bible school, an early education center, a food pantry, and a clothes closet. Sort of like a Christian community center.

But money is not the answer, Jesus is. No matter what, I am incredibly happy and grateful for my more-than-enough life.

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