Thursday, July 24, 2014

RIP Knight

After a dubious start, Knight won all of our hearts. He was a good-natured pup and joined our playful pack quickly. Our four females liked him and he was growing like a weed. I felt concerned that he was going to be a big dog after all. He was half husky, half ? but he was all pup. He loved to snuggle with us and was happiest when he was closest to Raccoon.

I did an ice sensory bin today with Raccoon and Kitty, but it was the biggest hit with Knight. He happily chewed on the ice chunks and chased everyone around. We went inside to take a much needed bath and my husband came home early to surprise us. Knight was in our yard when my husband drove up the driveway, but at some point he ran underneath the car. The King felt awful that he ran him over, but at least he died quickly.

Knight, we will miss your snuggles, your puppy kisses, and soft, thick fur. We will miss your roly poly belly and one blue eye. We will miss your excited eating and grateful tail wags. Gerry (our male cat) will miss your naptime snuggles and playfulness too. You were turning into a beautiful dog. I wish we could have seen you grow up.

16 great days full of puppy napping, eating, 
a few potty accidents, snuggling, and playing.

RIP Knight

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