Monday, July 7, 2014

Compassion in the Marketplace

Tomorrow we are off to buy Raccoon a puppy. Yes, we do have 7 pets, plus 3 chickens who are in some nebulous non-pet-but-we-can't-seem-to-eat-them zone.

How exactly did this decision come about?

Many things contributed, including a 4 year old's persistence, but mostly it's a memory I have of one day in a mall when my mom spent her birthday money on a puppy for me. It wasn't good timing but she did it anyway.

Misty and I had an amazing two years together. She touched my life and I will never forget the comfort of her presence. I am hoping that Raccoon finds just such a friend tomorrow.

Four compassionate people (my mil is coming too) with an I-love-all-things-that-move toddler going into an animal marketplace, knowing that the unsold animals are often left there at the end of the day... will we actually be able to come home with just one puppy?

As my husband said, once you have four dogs already, adding one more isn't really a big deal.

To be continued...

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