Thursday, May 1, 2014

Online but out of Oomph

We have high-speed internet! Out here in the sticks, as my fellow Mainiacs would say. Waaaaaaaaay out in the sticks. It's nothing short of a miracle. A neighbor found the company and wanted them to install internet at his house, but he's too low and there's no line of sight with their antenna. So he said, "I have a neighbor who might want internet." They showed up at our door, asked if we wanted internet, and we said, "YES!" Now our little house on the land is just about perfect.

I would like to say that I'll be posting everyday now, but I have gotten out of the habit of writing these last three months. I also have two busy children, three dogs, three cats (a kitten wandered in the other day and decided to stay. Since he looked beat up and starving, we let him stay. Sunflower and Tiger Lily were NOT happy about it, but they are now resigned and only swat him occasionally with their claws so he knows who's top cat), four chickens, and a house that never stays clean. But we are happy and active and about halfway done with the second floor. So exciting.

I was thinking of maybe doing a NaBloPoMo for inspiration. This month's theme is Nourish. I liked that, there are many things in my life that are nourishing my soul right now. Then I looked at the post and read that they're referring to food. Recipes and such. Not my strong point, so I'll pass.

Or maybe do my own...

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