Friday, May 16, 2014

Hello SPD

I had sort of forgotten that you're still hanging around my family. The many accomodations I make seem semi-normal now. I think I might have even hoped that you'd gone away. But today, as my son couldn't eat his picnic lunch because the grass was bothering him beyond all reason, I realized that you are still here with us.
A tired mama

Raccoon has been sick for about two weeks with a cough, runny nose, occasional fever, and just all around miserableness. Illness turns his super-senses into hyper-nothing-can-calm-me-down-everything-is-too-much meltdowns.

Then I feel like a failure as a parent. How did my son turn into this difficult little person. Where did I go wrong?

Then I remind myself that yes, there are things to work on, but I can't rewire his body. Living in his own skin is hard enough most days and he's doing the best he can not to lose it.

Help me, Lord, to give him the input that he needs and to limit the things that make us all come undone. And please restore our health and normal-for-us days.

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