Monday, September 24, 2012

Dear Friends, Family, and the World

My son has some special needs. Yes, I know. Yes, we're working on it.
There are some things you can do to help. Please:

1) Stop touching him.
2) Stop TOUCHING him.
4) Stop getting in his face.
5) Stop talking to him in a loud, baby voice.
6) Stop talking about him and "his problems" like he doesn't understand you.
7) Stop staring. Accept him. He is amazing and unique and worth getting to know on his terms.
8) Follow his lead. If he does come up to you or get close to you, pay attention quietly and calmly.
9) If he talks, listen. Show some interest.
10) When you read all of this, trust me, I'm not making it up. Believe me.

If you do these things, we'll handle the rest.
Thank you,
Raccoon's Mom

If I wore a sandwich sign, this is what it would say. Yesterday, someone we visit semi-frequently said that Raccoon has a serious character flaw because every time she sees him, he is angry. I tried to explain to her how she could improve her relationship with him, but I could tell I wasn't getting through. Perhaps if I put it in writing...

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