Monday, September 3, 2012

Beach on the Brain

I live in a place where the seasons don't really change much. Sometimes our weather is described as "eternal springtime," but right now it's warm and windy, so I think it seems more like summer. Most of the local schools started today, and our neighborhood was unusually quiet after the busy summer. I am glad that Raccoon still has at least a year, maybe two, before I'll be joining the September craziness.

Instead, I spent the day dreaming of the beach. This is where we went last August for Raccoon's first experience with the ocean...

One of the advantages of year-round nice weather is that we can do a beach trip anytime. Sometimes the air is a little cool, but living on the equator means our ocean water is quite warm (sorry if you're jealous and yes, I'm thankful!). September and October are quite busy for my husband, but maybe in November. Hmmm....

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