Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I have composed several whiny posts in my head about the difficulties of the last few weeks, my normally complicated life descending into utter chaos due to back-to-back illnesses. But we are slowly climbing out of the hole and back into health. So I finally feel like celebrating since I wasn't at all sure we'd live through these past weeks.

Things I'm grateful for:

1) After puking my guts out with some sort of bug last week, this week I no longer feel any nausea. Odd but true.

2) 10 weeks pregnant tomorrow!

3) Things are no longer stuck in the land of poo (Raccoon will thank me when he's older for not
writing an extensive post on this one.) :)

4) Raccoon did not take his usual nap today, so I'm hoping for an early bedtime instead of midnight.

5) I am grateful that God has given me an amazing son, and another child on the way. I have several friends struggling to get pregnant, and I feel almost guilty to be so blessed. But I have had loss and heartache of my own, and this pregnancy is a wonderful, healing miracle in so many ways.

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