Thursday, January 19, 2012

Another TV Post

I would have to say that after #1 (Raccoon not eating), #2 on my mommy guilt list is letting Raccoon watch too much TV.

I know that Raccoon craves novelty, but I'm not sure how to give it to him. He is definitely tired of his books, even though we have a lot. He doesn't like watching things on the internet as much as he likes TV. The homemade videos (I've made two) take a lot of time.

He loves imaginative play but I can feel my brain turning to mush after the 20th repetition of being Mr. Lion (a puppet) who's shot by the "doodoo gun" and has to take a bath, then gets dirty again. Each repetition takes about five seconds, and there are only so many variations I can invent. I'm hoping we can find a friend to play with, but all the other toddlers in my neighborhood are in all-day preschool.

What's next, what to do?


  1. Does he like trains? I remember at that age (starting at 2) Simon could play for a very long spell (and for years to come) with his Thomas trains and track. A lot of the fun was in the set-up, of course.

  2. So nice to hear from you! How on earth did you find my blog? I didn't think I had any readers. =) Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I have had you in my reader since we were living in Ecuador, so I followed you when you switched sites. ;) We are out here - HA!