Monday, September 30, 2019

First Frost

Happy Monday!

Mondays are for summiting Mt. House (work). What I add in for me is water and art. Lately I've been going to a riverfront park to eat lunch on Mondays because of its proximity to burritos and errands. That is my plan today as well. Art used to be scrap journaling but not today. My work space looks like this. Today I shall artfully organize so next Monday I can resume my other art activities I hope. I guess I could call taking pictures and blogging art...

And to be quite transparent, Mondays for me are also for mourning. Having the gift of mercy and empathy is great at times, but at others the cares and pain and brokenness of the world weigh me down. Mondays are a quiet day for me to process my week and feelings and losses so that I can stay more even keeled the rest of the week. 

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