Tuesday, January 5, 2016

My Worry List

As my mom tells me frequently, I worry too much. But I feel that it's not exactly worrying, it's more like having things on my mind that need to be addressed. I pretty much worry exclusively about my children. There is no parenting report card (hmmmm....) to let me know what is going well and what is not. As I was reviewing my list of Words of the Year the other night, I thought it might be fun to list my top worries. Then later when I look back at them, I will see how foolish (or not) I'm being.

Raccoon (6 years old)

Finding food when we travel

Maddie (3 this month)

Missing home when we travel

Sleeping!? Sleeping is not on the list for either of my children?! That, in itself, is a miracle. The lack of sleep has been on my worry list for many years. These days, if I am not fully rested it is my fault, late night blogging and all. Who knew this day would come! Hooray!

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