Thursday, May 14, 2015

Start Somewhere

I have been watching TED talks. They are quite addictive, but better yet, they are hopeful and diverse. Tonight I watched several about architecture. My favorite was about a circular kindergarten building, so the kids can run off but they'll always be back. Then I wandered over to hear a potter share about neighborhood renewal in Chicago.

My house in my little neighborhood is very special to me. We designed it, built it, and were the first to live in it. It is mine like no other space in my life has ever been.

Thinking about all of these people doing something gives me hope. I want my whole neighborhood to be beautiful too. Tomorrow,  I am going to strew seeds from a local flower all the way from my house to our local store. I've been collecting them with no purpose in mind, but now I have one.

P.S. We have named our humble home The Castle,  per the children's request. I wanted to avoid seeming pretentious to the neighbors, but there it is. Perhaps I won't put a sign up on the gate after all. :)

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