Monday, December 2, 2013

From Robin to Ducky (to Kitty)

I am officially changing my daughter's blog name from Robin to Ducky, and I thought I should do a post about it just in case any of my readers (hello if you're out there!) are confused by the change. At some point, I will be going back and changing everything from Robin to Ducky. I hope it is clear that at this point, I only have one daughter and have not mysteriously acquired another. :)

I chose Robin because it was a sign of spring coming to my life. My daughter has been all of that and more, but in other ways, the name just did not fit her. Although now that I look back at the reasons why I chose it, I am rethinking this a bit...

But I like Ducky because my mom picked it out, so it makes her named in a way by her grandmother, who she is actually named after in real life. My grandmother suggested SB's name - we moved her first name to her middle name (the B) when she became ours, and we wanted to pick a new first name but couldn't come up with the right one. We visited my grandmother and introduced her to B at that point, and she said she'd always wanted to name a daughter of hers S... but my grandfather (her first husband) wouldn't hear of it. It was a beautiful name and fit SB just right, so we kept it.

I also like Ducky because really, most of the time, she is just ducky, and she's plucky too. She's more than a match for her older brother and they'll keep each other in line. I also hope that they will be the best of friends. I chose Raccoon's name because (to me) it fits with some of the qualities he has (intelligent, mischievous, dexterous, agile, good memory, and not afraid to tease the dogs), and I chose Ducky in honor of my daughter's resilience, sunny nature, pluckiness, love of getting her hands messy, her inner and outer beauty which she will continue to grow into, and the way she likes to play follow-the-leader with Raccoon (which right now consists of just trying to do everything he does and driving him crazy in that time-honored little sister way).

1/31/14 ETA - weeeeellll, I've been trying Ducky out for awhile but just couldn't settle into it. I chose Kitty instead. She is all those things above, but she's also snuggly and just loves being with us.

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