Monday, November 28, 2011

The Odd Little Things

Raccoon does not like getting his fingernails cut (along with baths, crowds, loud noises, and what he calls "scary people"). He finally managed to communicate recently that it's the sound the clippers make that he doesn't like, and he commented in surprise, "No hurt?"

One of the phrases he learned quickly was "no touching," like if he didn't want a hug, or for me to touch him while he was nursing. He's not totally against cuddling if he's tired, but if he's on the go, it's more like he's trying to say "do not get in my way!"

The blog, In Particular, reminds me in many ways of Raccoon. When we can ride quietly somewhere in the car for 30 min, I breathe a sigh of relief. When we can go out in public, spend more than an hour away from home, or get through a meal at a restaurant, I thank the Lord for these moments of grace. But I still feel like I'm holding my breath, wondering if something will go wrong.

My two favorite quotes from In Particular:

"A wise friend told me to fight the urge to define what Henry won't do, wouldn't want, or can't handle. He'll let you know, he said. Let him show you what's possible."

"Lately, being Henry's mom is like listening to a violinist on the streets of Venice. I know the pigeons are dirty and occasionally I think the whole city is crumbling into the sea, but can you even believe this moment? I'm guessing this kid is going to have his heart broken a thousand times in large and small ways. Here's to hoping all those pieces get gathered up to refract light into something beautiful."

Raccoon, you are amazing, and your life is powerful already. Anything is possible and you are beautiful.

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