Thursday, October 27, 2011

One of THOSE days

Reading an article on children and sleeping, I had to laugh at the statement, "Parent has the option to lie down beside the child for a predetermined number of minutes. The parent should not fall asleep in the child’s bed, but rather get up and leave after the set number of minutes." (Bold emphasis mine, ha ha ha). I usually figure out that I've fallen asleep when I wake up just enough at 1 am to crawl under the covers, fully dressed.

I also laughed when I read this blog entry because all of us have had one of THOSE days, or maybe one of those weeks/months/years as the case may be, although we probably have not run out of a beauty salon on fire. (You'll have to forgive the little bit of swearing.)

I needed those laughs because today, nothing has gone as planned, or even as remotely hoped for, in toddler world. A friend of mine once said something like, "I love naptime, it's like starting the day over." May our afternoon be more peaceful and joyous than the last few chaotic days.

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