Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Big Toy Sort

Toddler toys (superhero costumes, plastic zoo animals, and many stuffed friends) are waging war with the baby toys, and our living room is the battle zone. It's time for a big day of toy sorting, putting the baby things away and creating space for some new little boy things.

I celebrated one and two with all my heart, but somehow, I'm finding Raccoon turning three to be harder. Three. I feel like I haven't taken enough pictures, journalled enough memories. What will 5 be like, and 10, and 17? Looking at this photographer's blog, I realize how few really nice pictures of Raccoon I have from this last year. He went through a long anti-pictures phase that is just now ending, probably because I gave up and he hasn't seen the camera for several months.

I'm thinking about a three-day preschool program for Raccoon starting in October. Or maybe two days. Just a trial month. Can you tell how ambivalent I am about this? I think it would be good for him to have some independent play time when the baby comes in early February, something in his life that stays constant. And it would give me a little time to get ready for the baby, rest, and work on projects. We'll see...

Despite my desire to avoid this last step signalling the end of babyhood, the Big Toy Sort needs to happen before my husband goes mad. And in the spirit of my words for the year "do-it-now," I have officially scheduled it for Friday.

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