Friday, June 15, 2012


One thing comes after another. Raccoon will be up from his nap soon. Supper needs to be made, dishes washed, laundry done, cleaning, picking up... and the list goes on. I feel so trapped by it all sometimes. More and more my thoughts are turning to the beach. I hope that we can make it there this summer.

Raccoon has been sick since Sunday, and the food freakouts have gotten to the point of ridiculously complicated - the tea is too hot, it's too cold, he wants it "WARM," whatever mysterious temperature that is. Eating is always a struggle, but when he is sick, he is especially impossible to please. There is too much ketchup, not enough, it's not in the right place or the right color. The banana is too ripe, the apple's skin is too wrinkly. It's like working 18 hours a day for a whiney dictator in a constant bad mood. Sometimes I think to myself, "He'll eat when he's hungry." But at the end of the day, I realize that actually, no, he won't. He will starve himself if everything is not exactly right. I try to be understanding. I know he's wired differently and things that don't matter to me are BIG deals to him. He does try to please me, but he just can't help it sometimes. I know it will pass and life will again become bearable. But today, I wish eating (and sleeping for that matter!) were not such chores around here.

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