Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Feeling Excited

Raccoon fell asleep quickly tonight and I am lying beside him feeling pleasantly excited about my life. I bought some special flour today to start experimenting with GFCF cooking. Raccoon had allergy testing last week that confirmed our suspicions - dairy, corn, soy - and added wheat too. When I first got the news, I struggled to accept that our life had to change yet again. But now that I'm a week into it, I'm feeling more encouraged. Improvement, not perfection, is my goal. I also met a woman at a yard sale on Saturday who told me that there is a group of homeschooling moms near my house. Yeah! With Raccoon's SPD and allergies (and the cost of the private school I would like to send him to), I feel like homeschooling might be a good fit for us for the first few years. So all in all, I'm feeling optimistic. And I was looking at baby names tonight, which is always fun.

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