Monday, April 2, 2012

Exact Opposites

I have just had an aha! moment that sums up my marriage. Personality-wise, my husband and I are COMPLETELY and fundamentally different. That explains a lot. INFP (me) and ESTJ (him). We both fit the profiles very closely. Apparently I missed making my ideal match by one letter - F. I would have to agree about that one letter, thinking vs. feeling, since it has definitely caused us many problems. As a high schooler, I remember being an INTP, which is my husband's ideal match. I always thought he'd changed, but maybe it was me after all. I will probably always be a mystery to my husband. With these differences, we could be a powerhouse team, or a complete disaster. We're an experiment in complementation, that's for sure.

ETA: I have since changed my mind, that the King is actually closer to ENTJ.

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