Sunday, April 8, 2012

In-Sync Days

I am reading the Out-of-Sync Child and I'm not very far in, but one thing that struck me was that the author recommends tracking bad days, but also good days. The "wow, that works!" moments. We have had a few lately, and I would like to celebrate.

*Raccoon spent about twenty minutes playing with complete strangers watching him, and letting two adult men throw him in the air and tickle him. I think the physical input was a key to the success, but even so, it was amazing to see him play and not mind the attention.

*We got through most of Easter Sunday today, in the service! This is HUGE for us. Usually I have to take him out before church has even started.

*I am starting to see some glimmers of self-control coming through, and a little bit of patience (from none to a minute maybe, but it's hopeful forward motion).

*I have asked a lot of Raccoon this trip - sleeping in new places, strangers in his space, new foods, car time, shopping - and there have been many meltdowns, but there have also been incredible moments of grace. A few dinners with family and friends, shopping for myself, and seeing him happily playing with little friends. I am grateful for my little guy and wanted to say thank-you to him in a public place. Way to go, buddy!

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