Sunday, August 11, 2013

Taught & Caught

Matthew 15:1-20


Depending on the time, place, and intent, human traditions can and sometimes should be expendable; God's moral commands never are.

Spiritual and relational health are not measured by the condition of our outward behavior but rather the condition of our inward character.


Defile - to poison, something that makes me feel far from God. Often it's attitudes, addictions, and habits. Think about what ___ does to my heart. Whatever builds up inward is going to show outward.

Traditions make us feel that all is right with the world. Some traditions are things we create to "help" people follow God, but are expendable. Focus on what is truly important. God's commands are how life works best.

Who's going to fill me up? God.

How do I deal with heart things?
   1) Pray
   2) Forgive
   3) Repent
   4) Let God deal with the things inside.

Focus on:
   1) My relationship with God
   2) My relationship with others
   3) Making a difference

These posts are dedicated to my notes and/or recall of the Sunday message. 
Unless otherwise noted, all material is from the sermon.

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