Monday, July 8, 2013

A Moment for Pondering: Anxiety

I was clicking around on some Asperger's articles and came across this statement by an Aspie, "I wasn't anxious; I was overloaded and over-stimulated."

I frequently think of or describe my son as anxious, but perhaps I am wrong. As my mom said, he is not fearful, he's actually quite a daredevil if there aren't crowds of people around. It's just situations with too much noise and people that seem to make him feel insecure.

Speaking of anxiety though, we are doing more allergy testing today and I am feeling anxious enough for the both of us. With his sensory hypersensitivity, skin pricks and a bare back is no fun. Pray for us.

P.S. Results: no new allergies showed up and Raccoon is apparently no longer allergic to milk. We suspected as much with the amounts of ice cream he's been consuming lately, but it's nice to have it officially confirmed. He was a champ and held off on the meltdown until we got home. All in all, a success.