Saturday, February 2, 2013

Letting Go

When I got home from the clinic on Wednesday afternoon, I could see that my husband was exhausted. He'd been watching Raccoon 24/7 for almost two days, plus a niece (7) and nephew (4). Having his cousins around helped Raccoon not care as much that I wasn't there, but it was a lot of work for my hubby. I settled into bed and baby Robin promptly nursed and fell asleep, her modus operandi. The doctor said I shouldn't do stairs for a few days with my stitches, but it was all I could do not to go running when Raccoon hurt himself playing with his cousins. Then I heard him cry, "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy." At that moment I knew that things had changed in the days I'd been gone, and my mommy's boy had all of a sudden become a daddy's boy.

A few days later when his cousins left, he cried again. I told him he could play with me and he said, "No, you're a grown-up" like it was the plague. It is special to see the new bond with Daddy, and I knew we all had to make room for Robin, but for a minute, I just wanted my mommy's boy back. We've gotten in some good snuggles since then, and I love hearing him say "my sister." Some of the mommy-ness has returned now that I'm back, but our bond is stretchier now and he is going further and further, happily, without me.

Go ahead and explore, Raccoon, it's a great, wide world out there. But don't forget to come back to Mommy every now and then. Who else is going to understand it when you say, "Grampa has a crossbow?" and that you want the movie about woozles.

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