Monday, June 10, 2013

Overwhelmed by Corn

We have been in the U.S. and have found out that the answer to many of Raccoon's problems is something we already knew: he is allergic to corn. What we didn't realize is how invasive corn is in the States. Besides avoiding the obvious ones (corn starch, corn syrup), we also need to avoid ALL of these, as he is highly sensitive:

◾Acetic acid ◾Alcohol ◾Alpha tocopherol ◾Artificial flavorings ◾Artificial sweeteners ◾Ascorbates ◾Ascorbic acid ◾Aspartame (Artificial sweetener) ◾Astaxanthin ◾Baking powder ◾Barley malt* (generally OK, but can be contaminated) ◾Bleached flour* ◾Blended sugar (sugaridextrose) ◾Brown sugar* (generally OK if no caramel color) ◾Calcium citrate ◾Calcium fumarate ◾Calcium gluconate ◾Calcium lactate ◾Calcium magnesium acetate (CMA) ◾Calcium stearate ◾Calcium stearoyl lactylate ◾Caramel and caramel color ◾Carbonmethylcellulose sodium ◾Cellulose microcrystalline ◾Cellulose, methyl ◾Cellulose, powdered ◾Cetearyl glucoside ◾Choline chloride ◾Citric acid* ◾Citrus cloud emulsion (CCS) ◾Coco glycerides (cocoglycerides) ◾Confectioners sugar ◾Corn alcohol, corn gluten ◾Corn extract ◾Corn flour ◾Corn oil, corn oil margarine ◾Corn starch ◾Corn sweetener, corn sugar ◾Corn syrup, corn syrup solids ◾Corn, popcorn, cornmeal ◾Cornstarch, cornflour ◾Crosscarmellose sodium ◾Crystalline dextrose ◾Crystalline fructose ◾Cyclodextrin ◾DATUM (a dough conditioner) ◾Decyl glucoside ◾Decyl polyglucose ◾Dextrin ◾Dextrose (also found in IV solutions) ◾Dextrose anything (such as monohydrate or anhydrous) ◾d-Gluconic acid ◾Distilled white vinegar ◾Drying agent ◾Erythorbic acid ◾Erythritol ◾Ethanol ◾Ethocel 20 ◾Ethylcellulose ◾Ethylene ◾Ethyl acetate ◾Ethyl alcohol ◾Ethyl lactate ◾Ethyl maltol ◾Fibersol-2 ◾Flavorings* ◾Food starch ◾Fructose* ◾Fruit juice concentrate* ◾Fumaric acid ◾Germ/germ meal ◾Gluconate ◾Gluconic acid ◾Glucono delta-lactone ◾Gluconolactone ◾Glucosamine ◾Glucose* ◾Glucose syrup* (also found in IV solutions) ◾Glutamate ◾Gluten ◾Gluten feed/meal ◾Glycerides ◾Glycerin* ◾Glycerol ◾Golden syrup ◾Grits ◾High fructose corn syrup ◾Hominy ◾Honey* ◾Hydrolyzed corn ◾Hydrolyzed corn protein ◾Hydrolyzed vegetable protein ◾Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose ◾Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose pthalate (HPMCP) ◾Inositol ◾Invert syrup or sugar ◾Iodized salt ◾Lactate ◾Lactic acid* ◾Lauryl glucoside ◾Lecithin ◾Linoleic acid ◾Lysine ◾Magnesium citrate ◾Magnesium fumarate ◾Magnesium stearate ◾Maize ◾Malic acid ◾Malonic acid ◾Malt syrup from corn ◾Malt, malt extract ◾Maltitol ◾Maltodextrin ◾Maltol ◾Maltose ◾Mannitol ◾Methyl gluceth ◾Methyl glucose ◾Methyl glucoside ◾Methylcellulose ◾Microcrystaline cellulose ◾Modified cellulose gum ◾Modified corn starch ◾Modified food starch ◾Molasses* (corn syrup may be present; know your product) ◾Mono- and di- glycerides ◾Monosodium glutamate ◾MSG ◾Natural flavorings* ◾Olestra/Olean ◾Polenta ◾Polydextrose ◾Polylactic acid (PLA) ◾Polysorbates* (e.g. Polysorbate 80) ◾Polyvinyl acetate ◾Potassium citrate ◾Potassium fumarate ◾Potassium gluconate ◾Powdered sugar ◾Pregelatinized starch ◾Propionic acid ◾Propylene glycol* ◾Propylene glycol monostearate* ◾Saccharin ◾Salt (iodized salt) ◾Semolina (unless from wheat) ◾Simethicone ◾Sodium carboxymethylcellulose ◾Sodium citrate ◾Sodium erythorbate ◾Sodium fumarate ◾Sodium lactate ◾Sodium starch glycolate ◾Sodium stearoyl fumarate ◾Sorbate ◾Sorbic acid ◾Sorbitan* (anything) ◾Sorbitol ◾Sorghum* (not all is bad; the syrup and/or grain CAN be mixed with corn) ◾Splenda (Artificial sweetener) ◾Starch (any kind that's not specified) ◾Stearic acid ◾Stearoyls ◾Sucralose (Artificial sweetener) ◾Sucrose ◾Sugar* (not identified as cane or beet) ◾Threonine ◾Tocopherol (vitamin E) ◾Treacle (aka golden syrup) ◾Triethyl citrate ◾Unmodified starch ◾Vanilla, natural flavoring ◾Vanilla, pure or extract ◾Vanillin ◾Vegetable anything that's not specific* ◾Vinegar, distilled white ◾Vinyl acetate ◾Vitamin C* and Vitamin E* ◾Vitamins* ◾Xanthan gum ◾Xylitol ◾Yeast* ◾Zea mays ◾Zein

 Okay, are you feeling overwhelmed yet? A little? But it's manageable, you think, with extensive label reading. Well, on we go then.

Besides outright avoiding these things listed above, which are in about 75% of supermarket products and almost 100% of medications, you also have to consider the way food is processed and packaged, which also frequently involves corn or a corn derivative (for example, the wax on fruit is from corn).

Now I feel completely and utterly lost.

Going through my home, there aren't any foods that I can guarantee are safe for Raccoon, and corn is even in our toilet paper, baby wipes, medications (which I have been giving to him for almost 2 years unknowingly) and dish soap. That explains.... a lot.

Please pray for us. This is our Holland and I'm not sure how to get a handle on all of this.

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