Monday, May 14, 2012

Baby Haze

I've been looking back at the notes I made when Raccoon was a baby. It is fun to remember, but honestly so much of it is hazy. I hardly wrote anything until he was 3 months old. He was a sweet and happy baby (happy does not mean easy!) but even at 3 months I called him intense. But I did take lots of pictures, which I recommend. Now just to make sure I keep it up if he ever has a sibling!


  1. Oh, do I know exactly what you mean about a happy but intense baby! It's so funny looking back after that SPD diagnosis and saying to yourself, "Oh! THAT'S what it was!" It what my first blog entry was about <3

    ~Mama Pants

    1. What a great post, so much of my life was the same. Sleeping? Don't bring it up! Nursing? Only in the same spot as always with everything just so. Strangers or family holding him? Ha ha ha. He wasn't my first child, but he was my first newborn, which I'm glad of, because I didn't do things the "right way." When we figured out the SPD at 2, I was so glad I had followed my mommy gut and not made him suffer more than he already was.