Monday, December 26, 2011

Thoughts for 2012

My husband asked me today what my goals were for 2012. I'm not sure yet, but it got me to thinking. One of our mutual goals is to work on getting out of debt by Fall 2013. It'll take a pretty tight budget so we'll see how it goes. For me personally...

1) Take a trip to Maine and Washington state to see my ailing Grammie, my parents, and my only sibling who I haven't seen in 5.5 years.

2) Enjoy this year with Raccoon as it may be the last that it's just the two of us at home while my husband is at work.

3) I would like to know more of God's will for my life.

(Note added later: I found another blogger's 2012 list, and can I just say WOW!)

5/13 ETA - Close to out of debt? Nope. #1? 2 out of 3. #2? Yes. #3? In progress, I would say.

12/13 ETA - Still not out of debt, oh well. We're chipping away at it. I didn't get to see my Grammie but I went tp her funeral in 3/12. I spent the summer close to my parents and brother and his family, Wonderful.

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